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New Vaccine Mandates Are Not Necessary

(Politicizd) - In just a few hours, President Biden is expected to publicize the administration's latest plan to combat the Delta Variant/Coronavirus surge. The supposed "six-pronged plan", is set to focus on vaccine mandates, increased testing and more masking. Another source suggested the plan will create improvements in Covid-19 care. Nevertheless, economists say the plan is necessary, pointing out the country's struggling economic recovery.
Yet, these intuitions are far from universal, as a growing sector of Americans feel that the pandemic restrictions are too extensive. According to the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, 99 percent of active covid cases in the U.S., are from unvaccinated Americans. Consequently, many feel that the continued restrictions serve little purpose, as those who don't care to vaccinate are effectively the only ones facing a lethal risk to the virus. Hence, why should the vaccinated be forced to abide by guidelines that will not protect nor endanger themselves? This sentiment is hugely popular, with many Americans believing that a vaccination should grant a person the full ability to live as they please. Politically though, the agreement stops there, Democrats largely in favor of mandating vaccines while Republicans feel the mandates are unconstitutional. According to polling from Gallup, when traveling by airplane, 92 percent of Democrats were in favor of vaccine mandates, while just 29 percent of Republicans felt similarly. Independents were split 50-50 on potential vaccine mandates for air travel, illustrating just how split the country is ( The polling was conducted from August 16-22, 2021). The divide, clearly political in nature, went further though, with a surprising 52 percent of vaccinated Republicans still opposing the mandates. Analysts suggest this stems from the conservative ideal of small government, which preaches that it is not constitutional nor acceptable for the government to intervene in one's personal health. Nonetheless, with the latest vaccine date, it is obvious that the shot is successful and has saved thousands of lives in just the U.S. "Only 2,437 Americans, or 0.92 percent of deaths, were a result of breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated patients." (New York Post, from CDC data) Essentially, in the United States, an astounding 671,188 died, and 669,000 of them, were unvaccinated. Shockingly though, masking is still encouraged, with many experts suggesting that it is a vaccinated person's responsibility to recognize those who failed to vaccinate. Instead, conservatives have preached the right to vaccinate, and the right to withhold, but most importantly the absence of the federal government in such a decision. Moreover, ideally, life should proceed in a normal fashion, and those who are not properly vaccinated should recognize their own risks. In Democratic circles, Don Lemon’s perspective has become increasingly popular, which suggests that the unvaccinated should be 'punished' for their decision. Lemon, the Host of Don Lemon Tonight, recommended that the unvaccinated patients refrain from using potentially life saving resources if they test positive for the virus. The comments were immediately praised by Cuomo, who saw more approval on twitter from Democrats who believe that the unvaccinated should be punished. In contrast, the opposing side firmly disagree, with many arguing that personal freedoms and liberties clearly permit Americans to endanger themselves, so long as others are not harmed. As a result, the debate is clear, with growing evidence that vaccinated Americans are not at risk for dying, barring incredibly rare cases.
Henceforth, with the latest data regarding Covid-19, it is entirely conceivable that vaccinated Americans return to normal life.

New Vaccine Mandates Are Not Necessary
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