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White House Disappoints with Border Response

(Politicizd) ---- Its been nearly three weeks since the outbreak of a surging ‘migrant crisis' at the border, yet no official White House plan has been made clear. Vice President, Kamala Harris, appointed to lead the response, has been notably absent and particularly focused on other issues.

In fact, in just this past week, Harris attended a water-treatment plant in California, and a bakery in Chicago. Consequently, many wondered if she's actively distancing herself from the crisis, or is planning to play a smaller role than expected. Either way, the questions have sparked bi-partisan confusion on what the border response should be.

White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, attempted to quiet these rumblings, ensuring, "people will hear from her soon."

According to several White House aides, the Vice President is presently focused on identifying the 'root causes of the migration', rather than the crisis itself. This affirmation led many to speculate the actual organization of her role, and when it will be made public. Further stated, surrounding Harris's first big policy assignment, many were surprised to see the lack of clarity in her role.

In response, many outspoken Republicans have voiced concerns saying the issue at hand is imminent, and the delayed reaction will cost lives. For starters, experts have labeled the incoming of over 19,000 children, in just March alone, as a major super spreader, and potentially dangerous situation for those at risk. The White House has also admitted to expectations over 35,000 more children in just the upcoming month of June.

(Below) Official GOP twitter account voicing its concern

However, lawmakers argue that the situation can be contained, with the accepting of further political consequences. This is due to the fact that the President's repeal of Trump-era immigration policies likely created the crisis itself. Thus, with the restoration of the "Return to Mexico" policy (sending all illegal asylum seekers back to Mexico) and the deportation of criminal aliens, critics argue the active increase of illegal immigrations will begin to decrease. They also suggest 'closing up' the gaps in the border wall, and reducing the legal benefits of child migration, which is actively used as bait for cartels.

Moreover, with the restoration of Trump administration policies and seriousness toward illegal immigration, many feel the increasing level of illegal immigration will halt, eventually descending to where it was previous to the Biden Administration. But this hasn't happened, leading to more disappointed Republicans.

Among those dissatisfied is Senator Ted Cruz (TX) who has suggested that the adminstation is staunch on fulfilling radical ideals to please to the political 'left'. He explains, "Biden made a decision to essentially give these radicals what they want on immigration; open borders." Cruz worries the political appeasement of Biden's supporters is unjustified and lacks reasoning.

Additionally, according to the Washington Post, the current adminstation is spending an astonishing $60 million a week in an attempt to properly house the incoming migrants. This discovery has led to increased backlash, with many wondering how an effectively spent $60 million could be used elsewhere--- if the current crisis didn't persist.

All in all, while the crisis continues to grow, many questions surrounding the response are still unanswered.

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