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Voters Don’t Want Wokeness in 2022

Politicizd - As the 117th Congress nears its final year of governing, Democrats are bracing for what should be a historically bad election season. Yet, still, many progressives are ignoring public opinion and polling by sticking to inflammatory unpopular ideologies.

In the case of social justice, Democrats continue to assert that racism affects all areas of life, and that any unfortunate circumstance that arises in the life of a minority is the direct result of racism. This ideology is known as 'wokeness', and has become the center of all left-wing politics in the United States.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Embraces 'Wokeness' By Kneeling

Yet, public opinion illustrates internal party divide, with millions of prospective Democratic voters now reconsidering their vote in 2022.

According to Harris X polling, just 37 percent of registered Democrats consider themselves 'woke'. Woke in this instance, is defined as "someone who is aware of social issues such as racial prejudice and discrimination". Nonetheless, only 22 percent of all voters consider themselves woke.

Still, progressives continue to push 'wokeness', as if they have a clear mandate on public opinion. To the contrary, in previous scenarios, public support for the legalization of gay marriage pushed legislation and the eventual monumental Supreme Court decision. But now, without real public support Democrats are trying to revolutionize American ideology and insert race into all elements of public policy.

Expectedly, the approvals of the President and his party have taken major hits. In fact, according to, Republicans hold a 3.4% lead in the generic ballot. (Registered voters preferred to vote for a Republican candidate in 45.5% of polls, while choosing to vote for a Democrat in just 42.1% of polls).

Meanwhile, President Biden's approval rating is just 42.9% , a number only reminiscent of his controversial predecessor, President Trump. Biden, on the other hand, presided over what pundits expected to be a historic economic recovery and even more essential vaccine rollout.

However, this reality never came about as Biden narrowed his focused on an unpopular left-wing agenda, and an aggressive spending policy that has created dangerous inflation throughout the country. According to, inflation in the United States rose 6.8% in the past year, the greatest increase since 1981.

Surprisingly though, the President has maintained his confidence assuring that Democrats will be greatly successful in the 2022 midterms.

"I wanna tell my Republican friends: Get ready pal! You’re gonna in for a problem!"

(President Joe Biden on the 2022 Midterms)

Twitter users later ridiculed the President saying the statement explains the administration's 'out of touch' agenda.

On the other hand, the media has thoroughly embraced the President's agenda pursuing the facts necessary to aid his administration.

Just this week, an ABC News Article, "How Seemingly Minor Traffic Stops Can Turn Deadly" took a rather ambitious stance, claiming that police made a minor traffic stop end deadly in the death of Daunte Wright.

Wright, pulled over for a minor traffic violation, was arrested upon the discovery of an arrest warrant. He then fled the scene, nearly injuring an officer with his vehicle. Another Officer, Kim Potter, threatened to tase Wright, before accidentally using her weapon to shoot Wright. Wright then drove a few more blocks evading police before succumbing to his wounds. The incident was blamed on police racism and Officer Potter for using force on a suspect resisting arrest.

(Pictured Right) Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas, Holder of Several Swim Records the University of Pennsylvania's

In another story, Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas, shattered the University of Pennsylvania's Swimming records, leading to intense backlash on the now-female swimmer. Currently, Thomas best swimming times are just seconds behind olympic records held by Missy Franklin and Katie Ledecky.

Nevertheless, this stories continue to reflect negatively on the Biden administration as they share this same agenda. The agenda however remains a mystery itself, as its unpopularity and lack of logic and are at the center of all Democratic policy.

Overall, as the woke ideology takes form across left-wing circles, critics and political strategists are concerned that the damage could throw away the midterms and the White House as the Democratic Party prepares for 2024.



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