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The Left Is Infatuated With Race. Is that Racist?

(Brief Article) (Politicizd) --- As the country becomes more divided than its been in decades, a new phenomenon is taking storm. One side of the political aisle, says race, or the color of one's skin, is of utmost important and must be recognized. The other side says it's completely irrelevant, and instead focuses solely on the content of one's character.

The latter, are the conservatives, who share the MLK ideology that race is utterly irrelevant and useless in determining an individual. However, today, the louder voices come from the left, supported by corporations and the mainstream media, who are determined to create an "anti-racism" campaign.

Yet, in the process they have prioritized the division of all people by race. This counter productive measure, has disgusted many, and created a culture war. Politically, Republicans have utilized this to their advantage doing incredibly well in the 2020 elections across the House and Senate races. In fact, with a less controversial nominee, it is entirely conceivable that the Republicans could have won the White House.

Nevertheless, the left leaning ideology, known prominently as being 'woke', continues to circulate politics at an ever-growing rate. In schools across the country, Critical Race Theory, is being taught with the goal of guilting white Americans into accepting the fact they are inherently racist.

Florida House Candidate, Lavern Spicer, called out the practice on twitter, issuing her disapproval.

In one case, a school required the teaching of a white identities chart, set to force white kids to recognize their 'privilege'.

The chart scales white Americans from white supremacist, to white abolitionist. The charts were called out by critics as reverse racists by demonizing an entire race independently. Suffice to say that the majority of white Americans today, do not have ancestors that owned slaves or lived in the racially oppressive south.

Consequently, many are asking the obvious question. Is being radically woke counterproductive and sometimes racist?

The answer by definition is yes.

Racism, according to the google definition, is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group.

Hence, if one targets an entire race, like white Americans, and calls them evil based on the complexion of their skin, then they are racist.

Unfortunately, a decade ago, progress toward a more equal society was an apolitical ideal. Throughout the consistent growth of a once racist society, Americans began to see each other as their own. Yet, now the left is set on reversing that. They want every person to see race before character. And surely, it will have consequences. Politically, it will revive the conservative movement who grows each day, with anti-woke Americans, set on eradicating racism, not pursuing it.


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