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The Jewish Case For Donald Trump & Why Left-Wing Jews Could Vote Republican

(Politicizd) -- Despite many of the inclinations provided by popular left-wing politicians, like Bernie Sanders, the current rise in Anti-Semitism is incredibly alarming. As a result, many Jews feel the need for a strong President who can defend the Jews against the world.

Palestinians fly swastikas in Gaza

Rise of Anti-Semitism Across The World

Marches, riots and signs reminiscent of literal Nazi propaganda has filled the political left and is now a common sight at Pro-Palestinian protests across the world. As a matter of fact, in Gaza itself, neighborhoods have begun to fly Nazi swastikas along with Anti-Semitism graffiti.

Furthermore, last night in an exchange with a CNN contributor, the foreign minister of Pakistan said the only Jewish state in the world, had "deep pockets" and "controls the media". CNN contributor, Bianna Golodryga immediately pushed back, declaring the remarks anti-Semitic. Historically, Hitler utilized these exact tropes as justification for the Holocaust, the mass murder of 6 million Jews. However, the comments by the Pakistani minister was widely defended by leftists arguing that criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitic.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Pakistan's Foreign Minister

Critics were quick to point out, that saying Israel controls the media, and has deep pockets, has nothing to do with Israeli policy and is based in Hamas propaganda set to antagonize the Jewish state.

In fact, in a collection of clips, below, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and several muslim leaders in the middle east, can be seen calling for the mass murder of Jews across the world. In one instance, the message was clear; the work of Hamas is not done until 'every Jew on the planet has been killed'.

The video represents the basic goals of the organizations set to eradicate the Jews from the face of the earth. Notably, no condemnation of these groups has emerged.

The Jewish Case For Donald Trump & How The Jewish Left Could Vote Republican

Despite some of the political and economic reasons for supporting the former President, many liberal Jews took offense to his unprecedented style and often confrontational remarks.

President Trump Embraces Close Ally, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

But, in the case of Israel, the world's only Jewish State, the former President took a clear stance, declaring Israel's right to sovereignty as a fact, not to be questioned. He also, fulfilled decades old promises moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, Israel's desired capital.

These moves were hugely applauded by zionist jews who felt it justified Israel as its own country that can choose its own capital.

Later, the ex-President officiated several peace treaties between Israel and some of its muslim neighbors. And despite the media's goal of deriding the deals' significance, the deals ended decades of virulent Anti-Semitic propaganda throughout the streets of those countries. Further stated, in areas where Jews were once forbidden from entering, they were now welcomed as tourists.

With this in mind, it's easy to see how Jews could support the President, however, that didn't happen. Just over 25 percent of American Jews voted for President Trump, with the 75 percent choosing the liberal candidate Joe Biden.

This illustrates the commonality of secular jews in not prioritizing the Jewish state. In fact, disproportionately in more zionistic circles, an overwhelming 65 percent voted for Trump.

However, now times have changed. In what originated as anti-zionism has now become clear Anti-Semitism that targets all jews, left or right leaning.

Already, in the context of the 450 percent rise in hate crimes against Jews (recorded by the ADL, Anti-Defamation League) large portions of formerly anti-Israel Jews, are becoming educated and interested in protecting their homeland.

Unfortunately, for those with lineage in the Holocaust, these recent moves are even more alarming, with communities urging children to refrain from wearing 'yarmulkes' or other identifiable jewish garments. Last night, several 'identified jews' were attacked by Palestinian sympathizers who sought to 'hold them accountable for Israel's actions'.

Therefore, as the 2024 election comes near, many Jews are now re-considering where their identity stands in their political priorities. Current President Joe Biden has done a commendable job standing up to the radical Anti-Semites on the left. But, he is still yet to condemn the rise in Jewish hatred, and has kept his support for Israel largely private to avoid political pushback.

Additionally, many have pointed out the scenario where a more left-leaning candidate runs in 2024. Candidates like Bernie Sanders or Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who would essentially immediately eliminate all American aid to Israel. This would result in hundreds if not thousands of Israeli deaths, as the Iron Dome stands as the primary defense and reason for Israel's low casualty numbers. Each Iron Dome, defense rocket cost over $100,000 USD.

Moreover, these candidates would certainly refrain from opposing Anti-Semitic tropes as their own colleagues encourage it. Just a few years ago, Ilhan Omar, an American Congresswoman from Minnesota remarked, 'It’s all about the Benjamins baby’, using one of Hitler's anti-Semitic troops that Jews control politics and media with their money.

Consequently, understanding and fearing the ongoing situation, Jews of all backgrounds will be forced to re-examine their political priorities. This could definitely mean voting for a Republican candidate in 2024.

Liberal Jews will not be willing to stand for social justice at the expense of their own lives. In Nazi Germany, Jews of all political backgrounds, understood they were in the same boat. Unfortunately, several Palestinian sympathizers have openly endorsed Hitler and his Anti-Semitic agenda. #HitlerwasRight, was trending on Twitter several times this week.

Overall, with 58 Muslim countries and just one Jewish state, many Jews are just looking for a safe place to go. America, once defiantly Pro-Israel, now houses several overt anti-Semites in Congress itself.

Whats Next: Look for Biden's response to this rise. It will be politically relevant to his re-election. Will Congress Condemn Anti-Semitism? Also, politically relevant.


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