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Should Rep. Waters Be Punished for "Inciting Violence" ?

(Politicizd) ---- Over the last week in the presence of racial justice protests, several major cities faced increasingly dangerous situations. As a result, local police departments along with the national guard were put at full force often combatting violent protestors.

Consequently, Minneapolis, along with the NBA have grown incredibly concerned with the city's potential intolerance of a potential Derek Chauvin acquittal this week.

However, that didn't stop Rep. Maxine Waters. The congresswoman of California's 43rd district, demanded that protestors maintain their level of intimidation, should Chauvin be acquitted.

“We’ve got to stay on the street and we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.”

(Rep. Maxine Waters)

Critics were quick to argue for the legal system, suggesting violence on the street would not contribute to her cause.

Rep. Maxine Waters

In fact, Republicans took the matter further, and have now openly called for her impeachment. This past Sunday, controversial republican representative, Majorie Taylor Greene, announced plans to introduce a resolution expelling Waters from Congress.

Later, GOP House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy took to twitter declaring action must be taken.

The tweet went viral amongst conservatives questioning why Democrats haven't acted to condemn Waters.

So the question remains.

Should Rep. Maxine Waters face consequences for her comments?

Republicans argue yes, declaring that the protests have represented the unfortunate looting and destruction of local economies. Further stated, they say Waters's comments directly hurt minority businesses as they tend to be located in urban areas.

Additionally, critics recalled those who voted to impeach the previous President for inciting violence, despite never directly advocating for violence with his speech. Yet, now, the California representative has indeed, used speech to call for more 'confrontational protesting'. She also suggested further violence was acceptable.

Overall, inciting violence, a once self-evident term, now stands more unclear than ever before.

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