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Politics in Sports and Aaron Rodgers' Perfect Message To "Politically Active Athletes"

(Politicizd) - In the course of just two years, the sports world has been overtaken by political movements set to further the agenda of the political left.

As a result, several athletes turned activists emerged becoming key voices in the Black Lives Matter movement. Among them included Colin Kaepernick and NBA Superstar, Lebron James.

Eventually, their messages forced owners to reconsider their own views, and craft elaborate statements condemning police tactics, while pledging to further the goals of the BLM movement.

Ultimately, this meant presuming Derek Chauvin's guilt prior to his trial, twisting America's proudest procedure, assuming "innocence until proven guilty."

Nevertheless, the leagues conceded to the 'woke mob' , releasing statement after statement confirming their commitment in fighting the 'everlasting' inequities between the races of America.

Later, the NFL would begin their social justice initiative, repainting the back of all NFL endzones. Slogans, like "End Racism", “Stop Hate,” and “It Takes All of Us" were written along the white turf. They also permitted the use of , “Black Lives Matter,” “Inspire Change” and “Say Their Stories." These slogans would later appear on the back of players helmets.

"End Racism" found at the back of the Sofi Stadium (Via

Meanwhile, the NBA cancelled scheduled playoff games following the shooting of Jacob Blake at the hands of police. Blake, was seen fleeing police pursuing what officers now believe was a knife.

Still though, players rose up and spoke out, including Lebron James, who demanded accountability for the 'racist act'. Following the shooting, Blake was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down.

Altogether, these cancellations are extremely rare, dating back to September 11th, when numerous sporting events were cancelled in an effort to honor the lives of thousands of Americans.

Lebron James would later address other police shootings, controversially tweeting out photos of officers as a way of shaming them. None of these officers were yet to be convicted in a court of law, and some of them would walk free following an impartial view of the case.

Yet, these tweets represented just one of the several athletes-turned-activists across the sports world. These new activists, were embraced as national figures by the political left, despite their often clear lack of knowledge on the issues.

Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, understood just this, with his most recent comment, explaining his own conflict with the 'woke mob'. Rodgers was taunted for misleading reporters on whether or not he received the Coronavirus vaccine.

The Quarterback had initially told reporters he was "immunized", leading many to publicly shame him, when his latest test results deemed him positive for the virus. He was found to be asymptotic and will play this Sunday.

Nevertheless, questions regarding the star quarterback's anti-vaccine stance, have been overbearing, leading to this, short but important statement.

"I’m an athlete. I'm not an activist. So I’m gonna get back to doing what I do best, and that’s playing ball."

(Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers Quarterback)

The message, somewhat subtle in nature, takes effective aim at the various athletes that have taken political stances on issues they're not educated on.

Green Bay Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers addresses the media

Rodgers, admittedly not an expert on the Coronavirus vaccine, decided he would not take a public stance on this issue. Instead, he would make his own personal decision and keep that as private as possible.

Critics say Rodgers is wrong, and that given a player's public platform, he should speak for truth. However, this neglects the fact that the truth, is often entirely subjective, and that these statements are politically charged in nature.

Furthermore, conservatives argue that Barack Obama does not advise the LA Lakers's on their offensive strategy, and Lebron James should not comment on the governments spending agenda. This illustrates the concept of not making public comments on issues one is not versed in.

Instead, however, the country now adheres to the ideals of athletic superstars like Lebron James or Colin Kaepernick, who have made a career playing sports. These sports, of course, require no background on America's fight with racism and the causes behind the current inequities across the country.

Overall, regardless of Rodgers' own personal politics, the comment displays a growing concern from the right regarding the outpouring of newfound activists and their left- wing political agendas.


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