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Is Wokeness Killing the Democratic Party?

(Policitizd) ---- As the Biden administration concludes its first one hundred days, pollsters and party strategists are preparing for a vital midterm election season. However, contrary to Biden's respectable 53 percent approval rating, there is still increased worry at the durability of it. In fact, critics argue that with the recent economic boom, and impressive vaccine rollout, Biden's approval rating could easily be into the 60's and 70's.

President Biden and VP Kamala Harris, Via

Additionally, many say that as things return to normal, recency bias could kick in, allowing Americans to forget any historic successes (in the eye of the beholder) the administration might achieve. Hence, the current 53 percent approval could be viewed as the peak approval rating as most Presidents see in the early days of their administration.

So, what is the cause of this respectable but not overly-impressive approval rating?

Wokeness, says Democratic Strategist, James Carville.

"Wokeness is a problem and everyone knows it," he said. "It's hard to talk to anybody today — and I talk to lots of people in the Democratic Party — who doesn't say this. But they don't want to say it out loud."

Wokeness as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as a state of being aware, especially of social problems such as racism and inequality:

"Wokeness" Protest

Later, writers challenged Carville, eliciting Biden's positive approval as proof that the woke messaging is resonating.

Carville doubled down saying:

"We won the White House against a world-historical buffoon. And we came within 42,000 votes of losing. We lost congressional seats. We didn’t pick up state legislatures. So let’s not have an argument about whether or not we’re off-key in our messaging. We are. And we’re off because there’s too much jargon and there’s too much esoterica and it turns people off." (James Carville, Democratic Strategist)

Further stated, Carville feels considering the generally unconventional Presidency of his successor, Biden's electoral win was widely underwhelming. Democrats essentially lost every contested election from the House to the Senate to local state legislatures. Yet, now in what the media has described as an economic and global health miracle, the country is heading back on track. But Biden's approval is still peaking at just 53% ; Only two percentage points higher than his 51% of the popular vote this past November. Effectivley, his base hasn’t grown as much as expected. As a result, liberals like Carville, are pointing to Wokeness.

Just last month, polling indicated that 65 percent of American adults feel, "Corporate Wokeness has gone too far". Yet, that was before cooperations began a string of controversial boycotts in the state of Georgia. Ultimately, the MLB All-Star game was moved, resulting in incredible backlash among Georgians and its local baseball fans. Consequently, that 65 percent could be at least slightly higher. All in all, with an administration focused on pushing race into all aspects of life, this poll could spell trouble.

On the flip side, this has also revitalized the Republican party, energizing their base following an embarrassing serious of events regarding the events of January 6th.

Overall, as Biden plans to make his case for re-election, there is increasing concern over 'wokeness', and what it will do to the Democratic prospects of keeping the House and the Senate. In fact, united by wokeness, Republicans hope to return to power and dismantle the current Democratic stronghold.


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