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If Leftists Knew Anything About Israel-Palestine Conflict, They'd Be Pro Israel

(Politicizd) -- In the three weeks, since the re-ignited Israel-Palestine conflict, Leftists have taken to social media to advocate for an end to Israel's 'apartheid' state. Unfortunately, though, they don't know any of the facts. If they did, they'd certainly support Israel.

Pro-Palestine Supporters Don't Know Much About Palestine

For starters, Israel is simply not an apartheid state. Arabs in Israel serve in the Knesset, Israel's legislative body, and make key contributions to policy making and governing. Effectively, Muslims have more rights in Israel than anywhere else in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, particularly in Gaza, there are no Jews, and no freedom to practice religion. Essentially, Jews have no rights in the territory.

Second, in the context of the Middle East, Israel has more rights than ANY OTHER country. Israel is the only country that holds free and fair elections and most prominently, the only place where gays can have relationship. Tel Aviv, one of Israel's largest cities is considered one of the most progressive and left-leaning places in the world.

To the contrary, Palestine endorses sharia law, where women are forced to abide by the Quran, and gays are imprisoned. The punishment for gay practices is up to 10 years in prison. Additionally, in 2020, an alarming 19 women were murdered because they were female. There is also no free speech but rather only speech that the government approves of. This is the opposite of Israeli society which encourages dissent and debate across all political circles.

Consequently, critics suggest that for the sake, of progressive activism it is absolutely appalling, that someone would call Israel, the only Middle East democracy, an apartheid state, while all its neighbors promote overtly anti-gay, anti-semitic and anti-trans ideals.

"If you condemn the only Jewish state in the world, but promote 58 Muslim countries with no civil rights then your either anti-semitic or ignorant"

(Politicizd Staffer)

Notably, the quote points out how the Jewish state is also the only democracy in the Middle East, but has still been defaced and condemned by the American left.

Israel's PM votes in Israeli elections; Palestine Hasn't Held One In Over 16 years

On another issue, fabricated maps circulating the internet show a shrinking Palestine that was peak large in 1946. The truth is, there has never been a Palestine, and the country was British Mandate Palestine in 1946. Many thousands of Jews resided there, until the UN decided to partition the land to Jews and Arabs. Moreover, the UN's proposal gave Jews a small slice of Israel which angered the surrounding arabs who wanted the entirety of the land.

As a result, the Arab countries were quick to declare war on Israel in hopes of eradicating it, along with the Jews. In fact, in World War II, Arab leaders were quick to aid Hitler and complement him in his attempt to erase world Jewry.

Haj Amin al-Husseini Meets With Adolf Hitler in 1941

Al-Husseini has been credited by historians with suggesting to Hitler, that he should kill all the Jews rather than just expelling them. Further stated, there is clear evidence that the Arab world played a role in the extermination of Jews from Europe supplying overwhelming political support.

Overall, it's alarming and embarrassing that the American progressives knows so little about such an important topic. Because if they knew more, they'd understand how the only country in the Middle East with democratic norms, must be preserved.



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