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Gov. Cuomo's Covid Response Costs New York A House Seat

(Politicizd) ---- This morning, April 26, as per the US Census Bureau, New York was officially designated just 26 Congressional House Seats. The determination marks a loss of one seat, and a drop of 5, since 1993. (New York had 31 seats in 1993).

More notably though, New York was 89 people short of keeping their current representation.

Yes, 89 People.

The number marks a record, beating Oregon's 1983 census miss of 291 people.

As a result, many Democrats were incredibly frustrated and took to twitter to express that sentiment.

(ABOVE) New York Times reporter, Shane Goldmacher, author of the article above, tweeted out that Cuomo absent role in the census angered fellow New York Census Director, Julie Menin.

"Its unconscionable"

(NY Census Director, Julie Menin, on Cuomo's weak role in the census effort)

Gov. Cuomo During his Covid-19 Briefings in 2020- News 4 Buffalo

To the contrary, critics suggested 'the elephant in the room' played a massive role in New York's loss.

On April 1st, 2020, weeks after the state's original covid outbreak, its census was also completed. In fact, just one day prior, March 31st, an alarming 417 deaths were recorded.

Relevantly, the deaths marked continual losses in population hurting the eventual census count. (At the time, New York led all states with nearly 1,100 deaths, compared a nationwide mark of 5,000 deaths in the U.S.)

Thus, it is fair to consider the state's inept response to the crisis. On March 25, 2020, Governor Cuomo enacted his now infamous advisory, admitting patients back into nursing homes, despite positive test results. Consequently, over the next 6 days before the census, New York's outbreak surged exponentially, soon experiencing nearly one thousand deaths per day. In all, an estimated 6,000 nursing home patients died with a large responsibility falling on Cuomo's declaration.

Politically, in the 6 days prior to the census, an average of 291 New Yorkers died; well over the 89 people necessary to grant New York another seat in the House of Representatives. The deaths, at least somewhat attributed to Cuomo's nursing home declaration, marked an impossible time in New York's hospitals where patients faced less than normal medical attention. Further stated, as a consequence to the governor's advisory, sick patients received less than usual treatment and nursing home patients began a period of death, ultimately diminishing New York's population in an exceedingly rapid pace.

All in all, as Cuomo's pandemic response becomes more infamous than imagined, it will now also cost the state political power, angering and frustrating many New York Democrats.

The state currently houses the second-most Coronavirus related deaths, with an astonishing 18,000 more deaths than the more populous and elder state of Florida.

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