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Doctor Endorses "Birthing People" As More Scientifically Accurate. Science Disagrees.

(Politicizd) -- As the late hours of Mother's Day progress, many, primarily on twitter are sharing their own thoughts, wishing Mothers across the world a special day.

However, among these texts, exist a significant amount of posts wishing "birthing people", those who gear and raise children, a day of appreciation.

As a result, many conservatives are upset, mocking and resenting the surprising change to a rather historic day of honoring motherhood.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, mockingly tweeted, "Happy Birthing People's Day", attaching the picture below with an erased Mother's Day card, now saying the latter.

Cruz then attached the cause of this radical change, linking an article to the congressional testimony of Cori Bush, a U.S. Representative from Missouri.

In a congressional hearing, this past week, in an effort to be more 'inclusive', liberal congresswoman, Cori Bush, issued her concerns over the increased racism toward 'black birthing people'. Immediately, conservatives pushed back over confusion regarding her terminology.

Rep. Cori Bush Promises to Protect 'Black Birthing People'

Here's the shortened-clip below.

Consequently, liberal activists, took to Bush's defense arguing its more inclusive and that the reproductive experience is not limited to just women.

Later, Eugene Gu, an American Physician in California, took to twitter to defend the comments calling them more inclusive and scientific.

"Transgender men have become pregnant and given birth. Human beings with 46XY karyotype, what we consider to be genetically male, have become pregnant and given birth. The term “birthing people” is not only inclusive but also scientific. Sex and gender exist on a bimodal spectrum."

(Eugene Gu, American Physician)

The tweet, garnered over a thousand likes, and lots of media attention, largely aligning along political lines. Liberals defend the tweet as accurate and scientific, while conservatives called it incredibly inaccurate and insulting to women.

The doctor, a graduate of Duke Medial School, can be seen here in a controversial tweet from 2017, which is currently pinned to the top of his profile.

According to the Biology Online Dictionary, a respected network of scientific definitions, a female is "An individual of the sex which conceives and brings forth young, or (in a wider sense) which has an ovary and produces-ova."

This directly contradicts Gu's statements, and illustrates that at least, scientifically there is no basis for the term of "birthing people", as biology illustrates how only the female species can reproduce.

All in all, the statements represent a growing progressive agenda set to re-examine the roles of each gender. In fact, the tweets deemed scientifically accurate, are actually completely inaccurate and unscientific.

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