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Do Democrats Believe Money Grows on Trees? It's Hard to Tell.

(Politicizd) - Throughout American history, the monetary policy of the federal government has always been regulated by The Fed; also known as the Federal Reserve System. As a result, the political ramifications of Capitol Hill, never influence nor affected the interest rates or money supply throughout the country.

To the contrary, the fiscal policy, which includes spending and taxation has always swayed by the majority party in Congress.

Inevitably, the Democrats, who hold unified government, have taken huge steps at enacting their record-high spending agenda (Unified government is when one party controls the House, the Senate and the Presidency).

President Biden celebrates the latest $3.5 Trillion budget plan (

In fact, the agenda is so ambitious that many Republicans fear it will have disastrous consequences over the next few decades. Ultimately, this was the cause of much debate as the current debt ceiling reached its limit, halting the desired spending from the Democratic party.

The debt ceiling is the actual limit set by congress, on how much the federal government can borrow against its debt. In this case, the limit had been reached causing much concern across the political spectrum.

Nevertheless, the debt ceiling was raised $480 Billion, garnering support from 11 Republicans, breaking the necessary super majority of 60. Of these Republicans, was Mitch McConnell, whom analysts theorized, feared that Democrats would attack the filibuster if the bill had failed.

Still though, Conservatives were largely against the bill, citing the the rising national debt, which currently sits at $30 Trillion. In the case of Rand Paul, the Republican Junior Senator from Kentucky, the bill was a huge mistake and another representation of a growing Democratic illusion.

Further stated, Paul says the Democratic Party has resorted to deception and impossible promises to keep their message alive.

That message, he explains, is the outlandish claim that everything funded by the government comes at no cost.

“People are saying we’re going to give you free college, free cars, free cell phones, free this, free that... everything in life will be free; you won’t have to work anymore. The problem is there are ramifications. Money doesn’t grow on trees; money’s got to come from somewhere.”

(Senator Rand Paul R-KY)

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky addresses his colleagues regarding the controversial Democratic spending agenda

Yet, according to some Democrats, there are no ramifications, with Senator Sanders, a self-avowed socialist, declaring that there should be even greater spending from the federal government.

Sanders explains, that Republicans give billionaires' tax breaks, while neglecting the necessary spending on the working class.

However, this neglects the basic principle that unless you embrace complete socialism, you cannot afford to utilize the entirety of government funds to compensate the needs of the working class.

Suffice to say, that the U.S. is currently in $30 Trillion of debt, this idea is completely irrational; granted that you have embraced capitalism. Of course though, many Democrats are hesitant to do so, which explains this radical thinking.

Senator Ted Cruz added to the conservation warning Americans of the radical goal of uprooting the free market system. Cruz goes on to explain, that the Democratic agenda includes a slow, by clear move toward socialism.

Overall, in the context of a Democratic socialist agenda, many conservatives worry that the once universal idea of capitalism, now stands to be reassessed by each generation of new Democrats.


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