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CDC Continues To Downplay Vaccine's Success

(Politicizd) ---- As the pandemic closes in on 18 months since its first recorded case, vaccines are now widely accessible in nearly all developed countries. However, particularly in the United States, there is increased worry over the American hesitancy to become immunized.

In fact, across the country, hospitals are requesting to halt the reception of more vaccines as they already have a sufficient supply. And no, this is not because they have incredible large storage facilities filled with vaccines but rather because they have a small but sufficient amount per the population's desire.

This past Wednesday, a mass vaccination site in Philadelphia reported that it had '4,000 doses set to expire' if not used by the following night. The cause they said, was extreme vaccine hesitancy among the local population.

Consequently, many politicians are blaming a lackluster incentive set by the CDC. The CDC, The Center for Disease Control, has yet to permit vaccinated Americans to return to normalcy despite the fact that they cannot spread the virus or carry it. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that fully-vaccinated people cannot spread the virus.

Yet, earlier this month the agency released new guidelines barely adjusting the old ones for vaccinated travelers.

"Fully vaccinated people can travel within the United States and do not need COVID-19 testing or post-travel self-quarantine as long as they continue to take COVID-19 precautions while traveling – wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, socially distancing, and washing hands frequently." (CDC, April 2nd, 2021)

Normalcy, the idea of being able to walk through local towns or cities without masking or social distancing is not currently permitted by the CDC. As a result, many feel that Americans are not being incentivized to get the vaccine. More clearly stated, if there is no benefit to a vaccinated person's life, than why would one get it.

West Virginia Governor, Jim Justice wanted to change that and has opened an initiative set to encourage citizens to get vaccinated. The plan is to pay citizens between the ages of 16-35, $100, if they become immunized.

West Virginia Governor, Jim Justice

The cost?

$27.5 Million Dollars.

“But if I’m able to pull this off and we are able to shut this down for the small price of $27.5 million … I would tell those critics to kiss my butt.”

(WV- Republican Governor, Jim Justice)

The move, criticized by many reflects the growing concern over vaccine hesitancy across the country. Republicans argue the hesitancy stems from a lack of incentive, and suggest the CDC should emphasize a return to normalcy as a benefit to immunization.


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