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Biden Relays Scary Lie, "We The People - Is The Government"

(Politicizd) ----- Last night, over the course of Biden's first Presidential address, many took note of his increasingly progressive perspectives on the most pressing issues. Later, Biden tried to justify these pursuits but no justification was more shocking than this one.

Biden, in an attempt to justify his extended government involvement, remarked:

"Our Constitution opens with the words as trade as it sounds, “We, the people.” It’s time to remember that we the people are the government. You and I. Not some force in a distant Capitol, not some powerful force that we have no control over. It’s us. It’s we, the people,”

The remarks, widely condemned on Twitter, were particularly alarming considering Biden's historically increased government intervention. In fact, the Biden administration has been called the most progressive administration since the 1930s, during President Roosevelt's revolutionary new-deal policies.

On the flip side, many were quick to point out that the preamble of the constitution, "we the people" is actually referring to the American people, who the constitution is attempting to protect from the government.

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott relayed this sentiment, slamming the remarks as completely inaccurate.

Overall, the President's remarks elicited conservative concerns over dangerous government overreach and the direction the current administration plans to head.

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