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Biden Approval Rating Falls As G7 Summit Concludes

(Politicizd) --- Following the culmination of the recent G7 summit, President, Joe Biden saw his approval rating fall to a more modest 51.9 percent.

Biden, pictured with French President Emmanuel Macron at the 2021 G7 Summit

The rating, calculated by FiveThirtyEight's polling calculator shows a new trend, to a relatively very popular President.

The trend indicates a falling approval rating in just a few weeks. In fact, just under a month ago, Biden registered a 54.8 percent approval rating, representing a now 2.9 percent drop. Contextually, this would indicate severe changes to prospects of a potential Presidential Election.

In the 2020 Presidential Election, a 2.9 percent loss of support, would indicate a loss of nearly 4.5 million voters.

Most prominently though, Biden's disapproval has now continued to grow at an alarming rate. Given his less controversial personality and political skill set, many are surprised at the now 8.1% rise in his disapproval rating. (In January of 2021, the President held a 36.1% disapproval rating, while he now holds a 43.1% disapproval rating.)

Yet, most interestingly, Biden's positive perception has dropped most among his strongest supporters. According to a poll from Monmouth University, Democrats now hold a 86 percent approval rating of Biden, down from a once impressive 95 percent.

Consequently, Democrats are concerned, with critics pointing to Biden's recent gaffes as reasons for the drop. Additionally, conservatives are explaining that Biden's promotion of a wokeness and an increasingly left-leaning policy agenda, has scared away, would be Democratic supporters.

In fact, in a New York Times article, titled "Is Wokeness ‘Kryptonite for Democrats’?", author Thomas Edsall, explains explicitly how the American public disapproves of the woke ideology.

In one instance, he quoted a study on gender issues, citing the country's overall lean toward a more conservative position.

"In 2019, the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group commissioned a survey asking for agreement or disagreement with the statement: “There are only two genders, male and female.” (New York Times Article)

The results represented, an expected truth, that most Americans, 59 percent of them, strongly believed there were only two genders.

(Study Conducted By The Democracy Fund Voter Group)

The study represented just one of the many growing controversies surrounding the latest culture war.

On another facet, conservatives theorize that many Americans do not feel that Biden holds a firm hold on the office. Furthermore, they suggest that this has led to national embarrassment and thus dissatisfied Americans.

Jack Posobiec, a Right-Leaning Activist, demonstrated this well, tweeting that Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau was heard telling staffers, he expected Kamala Harris to be President by as early as 2022.

Biden Meets With Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

All in all, as Biden's first terms nears 6 months, the growing dissatisfaction represents an uphill battle for his success. Further stated, the latest Presidential polling indicates major concerns for President's electoral future.


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